Warning! Beware of scammers and impersonators.

If your familiar with the RMT market then your aware of the scammers and impersonators.

If you have any doubts when talking to someone that pretends to be from BYGEX please check with us here on live chat. Go by the motto "Rather safe, than sorry".

Make sure your talking to the right Skype/IM/AOL address. 

If you agree on selling to us, then you will receive an order in your "Active Orders" page. If there isn't an order present than your dealing with an impersonator. Be careful or you will be scammed. Please add him in your ignore list and report him on our live chat, in order to make the rest of our suppliers aware.

We do not  like scammers, impersonators and exploiters, so we will do our best in keeping them from scamming our suppliers by providing corect and on time informations.