Things you should

  • There's a huge RMT market and the price of currency keeps changing based on real-time demand and supply so please check our site often. We are offering the same price to all our suppliers.
  • After you will add your stock you will see the price for that specific server on your Stock page.
  • If you don't select your online hours in our Notification page you won't get any orders.
  • We will contact you after adding orders into your account in order to confirm your availability.
  • Orders are apointed based on your history with us. Old trusted sellers will have priority over the new ones.
  • Once your O.C.R. (order completion rate) drops below 70% of your total received orders  you will receive less orders . Sellers with high O.C.R. will get priority. 
  • In order to keep your O.C.R. high make sure your stock is  accurate, and your notifications are set correctly. The delivery time is set at 30 minutes per order. 
  • Live chat operators might be busy dealing with multiple sellers at the same time so they may not be able to answer you instantly.We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and your patience will be really appeciated. 
  • If you receive a new order in your account, we expect that order to be delivered. If you fail to deliver and upload the proof in time we will contact you prior to submiting that order to another supplier. 
  • You should read our tutorials regarding the RMT market.