Servers with different prices

Here you have a list with servers that have a different price than the rest of the servers on a specific game.

 The standard prices for the rest of the games/servers HERE

If one of the servers below has a different price in stock's page, delete that server and readd it. It will be added with the price listed here.

Updated 26.12.2017

POE Exalted Orbs

Standard 0.37$ per orb

Hardcore 1.00$ per orb

Abyss Standard 0.75$ per orb

Abyss Hardcore 1.40$ per orb

FFXIV ARR Updated 28.06.2017

Gilgamesh 6$ per m

Balmung 6$ per m

                                                       Archeage Updated 8.02.2017

Reckoning US $ We're not buying yet on this server.

Vengeange US $ We're not buying yet on this server.

Profecy EU $ We're not buying yet on this server.

The rest of AA servers have standard Prices.

The rest of the servers have the standard price.



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