Rules that you should comply with when selling to us.

  1. Read our tutorials and follow them.
  2. Don't add fake stock. Always add a smaller amount than your current one so you won't have to modify your stock everytime you complete an order given to you by another buyer. This will help you in keeping your O.C.R high. (order completion ratio)
  3. Make sure you take screenshots and video as they are presented in our Tutorial section. If you do it right, you will be hassle free, and so we will.
  4. Don't try and steal our customers. We have offers in place that will convice our loyal customers to report you when you try. You might succeed a couple of times, but when we will find out (and we will) we will hold your payment , ban you from our platform and report you to other buyers so they can add you in their avoid list as well. We hate thies, scammers, and impersonators and we will punish them accordingly! We are playing fair, so should you.
  5. If you set your stock and activate your notifications as online you are obliged to fullfill orders based on the stock that you entered. Failing to do so is punished as follow :
  • First Strike - 24h banned from
  • Second Strike - 72h banned from
  • Third Strike - Permanent ban from and all future accounts created using your name/email will be banned on creation.